Friday, February 29, 2008

Defense of Mark Driscoll

It seems as though the attack dogs have been let loose. It's amazing to me how ravenous some people can be. I am not going to enter into the conversation about what goes on behind closed doors with Mark Driscoll. However, neither should the people who commented on my post yesterday. I will say the following things about Mark.
1. He delivers the Gospel straight and true when he speaks... he does not mince words, nor does he water it down depending on the audience.
2. He has been a bold church planter. His Acts 29 network is one of the best things happening on the American church scene today. Many many many excellent churches have come to exist do to his faithful work through the creation of Acts 29
3. He is definitely a rough fellow. However, if anyone has read any of his books they will know that he is the first to admit this. He says that he sucks at counseling. At least he admits this while tons of pastors who suck at counseling continue on, pride fully in tact.
4. No one knows what truly goes on behind closed doors... EXCEPT THE PEOPLE WHO WERE ACTUALLY THERE
5. I took some time (more than i should have) to read these accusations that are coming from disgruntled people in Seattle. There seems to be nothing there but hurt feelings over an issue that was an elder decision.
6. Rule no.1 of becoming famous... someone will always be after you to bring you down
7. Rule no.1 of being a pastor... people, sadly supposed Christians are some of the most vile forked tongue people on earth. Who seem to have more time for gossip and hatred than Christ and their mission to make fully obedient disciples.

I do not know Mark personally. However, I am quite an avid follower of his and I had a few professors that do know him well. None of this really adds up against him. I hope this does not harm his wonderful ministry of the Gospel to a city that desperately needs Christ.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mark Driscoll

I usually do not take this space to plug books. However, I will make an exception for two reasons. One... google analytics is a beautiful thing. It tells me that people still read my blog after 11 months of inactivity so people will actually get this. Two, anytime Mark Driscoll takes time to write we should listen. He is the voice for Generation X Christians in America. He speaks in a way in which we understand and he does not put up airs. I love him for his directness and forthrightness on many issues. He is equally loved and hated, however he is honest and does not mince words. So, I highly recommend "Vintage Jesus" which came out this week. Another minister and I who get together for lunch every week bought it and discussed it yesterday and we just wish we had the courage to speak as Mark Driscoll does so eloquently. "Vintage Jesus" is a great book describing the real Jesus to a post-modern, post-apathetic, and just begging for change generation.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Science v. Christianity???

Why is it that so many Christians and scientists think that its an either or proposition. Either you can believe science or you can believe the Bible. I find it amazing that so many otherwise intelligent people believe that they are mutually exclusive of one another. Perhaps we are just born Kantian. However, I think that this is a false suggestion. Christianity and science are complimentary of one another and are (in their purest forms) out to answer different questions to the same puzzle. Neil Turok in a piece this week out of WIRED made a statement that I have been screaming for years. Science is in the business of answering how and religion (Christianity) is in the business of answering why. So very true. Yet each side continues to make claims to answer the questions that their manuals are not equipped to handle. The Bible exists to tell us about the triune God and that He made the Heavens and the Earth good, we screwed it up, but He did not leave us to perish but sent His perfect Son Jesus to redeem us if we would but believe. Science on the other hand "can" tell us how these Heavens and Earth were created, but can absolutely add nothing to the conversation of their purpose. Thus science and Christianity together offer a fuller picture of the same puzzle. Christianity gives us purpose, science tells us how it plays out temporally. Thus we should be working together and not against one another in our constant pursuit of the the truth.