Monday, March 03, 2008

Why do we preach?

I had the rare opportunity yesterday to attend and hear a sermon other than my own on a Sunday morning. I was gravely disappointed. Why do we meet together on Sunday mornings? I believe it is for the gathering of the people of God to sing, pray, fellowship, and most importantly hear from His Word. Some of these things did certainly occur. However, there was no sermon. There were some interviews. We watched a video, which was a parody commercial. That was it. More amazingly after all of this people joined the church. I would have loved to interview them to find out what was drawing them to this particular church. Jesus was not preached. The Gospel was not given. The glory of God, The depravity of man, the substitutionary atonement of Christ... none of this was discussed in anyway. Without the Gospel there is no salvation. There may be people moving their letters to the church from another congregation, but there is no heart change without the Gospel. I hope this is not the norm at this particular church. If this is where American churches are or are headed, we are in grave trouble. The moment we sacrifice the Gospel for entertainment, or to transform to the culture around us, we lose what makes us unique and we are no longer performing our duty of the Great Commission and the good works which he prepared beforehand for us to perform.


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