Monday, December 18, 2006

Where is the love pt. 2

So, what then is the church supposed to do? First, we must begin preaching the cross, sin and redemption again. If all Jesus has to offer people is salvation from kids soccer games, wives that nag, 42" plasma TVs instead of 50" LCDs, and relief from credit card payments, then He does not offer much. What if instead we supposed that Christ saved us from ETERNAL torment. You know the kind that NEVER ends. What if we explained that sin is so evil so vile so putrid so repugnant that, that to get rid of it required nothing less than the crushing of the very Son of God Himself. Nothing short of this would even make a faint scratch. Anything less than Christ would have been like attempting to put out a forest fire by continually spitting on it. This is the chasm that had to be breached. We cannot not preach the lie that everyone is basically OK, and Christ just gives us a little push in the right direction (Also do not forget this very teaching was declared heretical by numerous synods in the 400s) We must preach the radical difference between God and man, sin and sinlessness, true good and human perceived good. Faith, Hope, and Love are not satisfied or based on good pay, nice home and a sweet ride. These are produced from the radical knowledge of knowing from what we are redeemed. Before we are regenerated we are not neutral to God. We would nail Him to the cross again and again if we could. God saves the unregenerate despite this disposition. This is merely the beginning of placing the Gospel back in the church. Funny how Barbra Walters knew this when interviewing Joel Osteen, but he did not.


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