Friday, January 12, 2007

Christian Passivism

I have leanings on the subject. We all do, on any subject, at least if we are honest. However, this is a subject upon which I do not have a definite opinion formed yet. At both of the seminaries I have attended, the concept of just war is believed, as strongly as any other theological position. Furthermore, the guys holding these positions are no dummies either. I sat through quite a few lectures from John Frame, listening to his defense of just war. I am just not sold on it. The problem is, I do not really like the alternative either. We are certainly responsible to defend Truth (the Gospel) at all costs, even our lives. The question is: How do we do this? We are definitely commissioned to defend the Paschal event with all we have, however, I do not think we are called to repeat it. Mainly because that is the point of Christ's necessity, we could not, Christ could and did. With all this is mind, Christ won through the appearance of losing, but is that our call as well? I do not mean we go Charlemagne and bring the Gospel with the sword, but when if ever is it OK as Christians to defend ourselves through violence? I will pose it like this. One of my ethics professors, who will go unnamed, stated that we are to live by the platinum rule. He explained this rule like so... if your are interrogating a suspected terrorist, to find out where a bomb is, you may torture him. The reason... because if he (the terrorist) were a Christian, he would tell you, and if you maim him, and one day in the future he becomes a Christian, he would thank you for maiming him, so as to force him to do the right thing (telling where the bomb is located). I am very interested for other people's opinions on the subject. It seems very relevant given the war on terrorism, the war in Iraq, and George Bush's take on these things being that he says he is a Christian.


At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What must I as a Christian do when I feel I have been wronged by someone? At all times, I must strive:
-to release this person from the debt of having wronged me.
-to transfer that debt to God and to give him full rights as judge over this case.
-to consciously say and believe that “Jesus Christ was crucified for the sin of wronging me and my family.”
-to feel that it would be wrong to hold this person accountable when I am no longer the one responsible for the debt.
-to repent as soon as possible of roots of bitterness and resentment that take the place of forgiveness and dependence on God, particularly the easy temptation to fall into the role of “victim” in future situations or to seek pity as a victim.
-to never speak badly of this person, but to speak graciously, truthfully and with love and kindness.
-for my communications with this person to be free from bitterness and unforgiveness.
-to refuse all options of revenge, no matter how small, and to give God COMPLETE rights of punishment and vengeance.
-to begin to see this person through the compassionate eyes of Jesus Christ.
-to see my own sins as greater than the sins of others against me.
-to actively love this person, and to find opportunities to demonstrate that love.
-to be willing to move toward a Christlike sacrificial love in my relationship to this person.

At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand what your professor has said and agree with him. If a "terrorist" has set a bomb to harm people, you as a christian have a duty to gain the information from the "terrorist". Please bend your mind with me in another direction related to this. What if the terrorist is an illusion? Meaning, what if he is an invisible enemy, who does not have a definative face. If he can never be caught, then the war will not end. Let me put it to you like this: have you ever read history? History is rampent with dictators of nations destroying thier own people in order to justify war with, and the occupation of, another nations natural resources. It is called a false flag operation, waving the enemies flag inorder to invade the enemy. Is America good by nature? Does Americas government have good intentions? Hmmm, if they did this would be a first in history! What does the bible say? Read the Constitution of the United States and understand that our founding fathers never intended, nor recomended that we occupy other nations for ANY reason. They warned against such activity from governments. I have come to see that this war, and the events of 9/11 were, infact are lies, planned by our own government. It is shocking?! It was shocking to me as well, and it should be! As a christian I feel it my duty to expose, as does your professor, the terrorism against the Constitution of the United States of America. The founders continually warned, not against foreign enenmies only, but mainly against enemies domestic, the federal government. If you believe in your government & country over Christ it is called idolatry. Please look at the information yourself and decide, with the mind God gave you, and the repetition of history, our American government is something you chose to support. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians have been masacred for this supposed "war on terrorism". Please research it yourself to find the truth. If you will not research it then it must be said that you chose Nationalist faith over faith in Jesus Christ. Read & understand Dietrich Bonhoffer's "The Cost of Discipleship". Thank you for taking the time.


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