Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mark Driscoll

I usually do not take this space to plug books. However, I will make an exception for two reasons. One... google analytics is a beautiful thing. It tells me that people still read my blog after 11 months of inactivity so people will actually get this. Two, anytime Mark Driscoll takes time to write we should listen. He is the voice for Generation X Christians in America. He speaks in a way in which we understand and he does not put up airs. I love him for his directness and forthrightness on many issues. He is equally loved and hated, however he is honest and does not mince words. So, I highly recommend "Vintage Jesus" which came out this week. Another minister and I who get together for lunch every week bought it and discussed it yesterday and we just wish we had the courage to speak as Mark Driscoll does so eloquently. "Vintage Jesus" is a great book describing the real Jesus to a post-modern, post-apathetic, and just begging for change generation.


At 7:00 PM, Blogger mhmolly said...

Hmmm. Pastor Mark's theology is pretty good. His presentation, very catchy, hip, and fun. Yes, it does tickle the ears. Unfortunately, just as one does not know what goes on behind the closed doors of a family, most do not know what goes on behind the closed doors of Mars Hill. I have a hard time listening to him anymore, since learning of the shameful behavior that has been engaged in behind these doors. Maybe his book is good, maybe not. But, knowing how the man operates in his leadership role at Mars Hill very much colors my ability to read it objectively. For an interesting discussion of these matters, please see .


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