Thursday, March 31, 2005

Christ Transforming Culture?

As I watch the modern day church in America flounder, I constantly think to myself "How have we let it come to this?" My answer to this question is that we have not taken Paul's charge in Romans 12 seriously and have decided that we should have culture dictate to us how we should communicate to them. It is true that the church must be relevant in order to change lives, but when we sacrifice our message to become attractive we lose that relevance we so badly seek. Today's church has become very concerned with keeping people in the pews, not offending, and being sensitive. All which are not bad things unto themselves. However, Christ, Paul, and for that matter any man of God in the Bible, was not in the least concerned about people's or the cultures feelings. If we as the church wish to enact change we must quit following the latest trends, and begin setting Biblical trends ourselves. Some will say that we will turn people away if we aren't fun and inviting. I say we are turning people away now because we have no message. Christ transforms us as Christians and we are scared to show this to our society. We must pick up and read our Bibles and preach the Word. We must teach the unchangeable Biblical truths, and not worry about the latest trend. If we are faithful to God's Word he will bestow gracious blessings to his church of which the empty "Seeker Sensitive" and "Mega-Church" movements will never see. We must trust that God as the Creator knows his Creation better than we do and that his transcendant Word can and will effect change even in today's society. His sheep always hear his voice, and if we preach his Word, Christ will transform the Culture!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

1st Post

I am currently in limbo, as I have just withdrawn from law school. I am currently pursuing alternate paths, which could lead to teaching or preaching. I plan on writing and proposing questions on this blog as I deal with them over the coming months. These questions will primarily deal with theology, philosophy, and politics. If interested everyone is free to respond.