Friday, August 25, 2006

The gloves are off

In the name in of "peace and love", ever since Driscoll decided to be vocal with his theology the tolerant branch of the emergant movement has been after him with venemous rage. All it takes is for someone to stand up for truth and the "tolerance" movement becomes anything but. Its funny, how they give him such a hard time saying that he just spews unreasoned hate with every breath. So, in response, do they deal with his ideas, nah, that would be a losing proposition. Instead, they call him names. Just so we have this straight. They do not like Driscoll because he stands up against people with bad ideas, and confronts THEIR IDEAS. Hopefully, we will see some of the "love" bunch get some cahonjes and back up their ideas with Scripture, or anything other than their feelings. I am waiting with baited breath. I challenge, no i DARE them to enter the realm of ideas, and discuss these various issues without resorting to emotions. Check out where im talking about here...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Posted to a "Emergant" blog today

It's always interesting to me that members of the "tolerance" movement no matter what guise it may come under are only tolerant to what they believe. Therefore, if Driscoll disagrees and takes a stand for something he believes is true, but is in disharmony with the pervailing "tolerant" wind then he is intolerant. I'm sorry but the real underlying problem is that Emergant culture will not admit that the ideas they are putting forth are indeed propositions all truth is propositional. So when people like Grenz and McLaren make comments saying they do not know something and therefore nobody else does either, that is in and of itself a proposition. In conclusion, to get back to the homosexuality issue. The Bible is clear, it does not mince words (in fact sexual sins are usually when found in a list, listed first) homosexuality is wrong. This does not mean we should be hateful to them. I have two gay family members, so I have experienced the relational side of this sin. However, it is a sin, no greater no less than any other. Therefore, if repented of, must be forgiven like any other sin. Its time to quit reading our Bibles through our political and social lenses.