Friday, September 08, 2006

What we believe

I have been taking a class this semester on the beliefs of the Roman Catholic faith. As a side note it has been fascinating. My professor did post-doctoral work in Rome for three years while working with various Cardinals and Bishops. Back to the point. I wonder how many Christians (protestants and roman catholics) really know what they believe. What percentage of RCs (roman catholics) can actually articulate what is in their Catechism? Consequently, as most protestants have decided that creeds and confessions are bad, can most prostestants articulate anything. Creeds and confessions are not the end answer to the problem. Just because somebody has one, does not mean they will use it. However, they certainly do help convey the truths of the Bible. I wonder how many "christians" could name me 10 famous sports figures. Now, how many of those same people could name 3 truths of the Bible. How did it get like this? What can we do to change it? For if we do not know the Christ found in Scripture are we really christian?