Thursday, July 14, 2005

Missons or Theology Part II

There appears to be some miscommunication in regards to my last post... allow me to clarify. I was not nor was the Internet Monk referring to how the missionaries are or are not trained in the denomination. I was instead talking about the general thrust or push, that which the denomination feels is most intergral to its being. Case in point is the "Everybody Can" slogan to win a million souls this year. This is a missional only, not theological, goal or push. My contention is that while the missional people such as Bobby Welch have contempt and distrust for the theologians, that good theology is indeed necessary before we can have any real missions impact. This is a witness centered drive by the Dr. Welch. Nowhere in the Scriptures will you find a call to witness and win anyone. This is the problem when theology is excluded from a missional push. However, if scripture is included in the missional equation we find that we are to indeed not witness but make disciples of the nations. Discipling is so much more than witnessing. Witnessing, especially when there is a human goal to be met is very shallow. Conversations tend to be short, involve total strangers, and if they believe the person talking with them may not know a church where to direct them, or perhaps may never see them again. Jesus knew when he said disciple that we were relational beings. He knew that we are far more influenced by someone who invests in us, cares for us, spends time with us. Just as He was with his disciples. These are the type of relationships we are to develop in order to truly disciple the nations. God will take care of the rest. We cannot make the Gospel "fast food". We have become lazy and do not want to take the time to develop the relationships that are necessary for effective discipling. When good theology precedes mission work then you have more effective servants for Christ and a healthier more scripturally based denomination.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger JTapp said...

I agree with your post, thanks for clarifying from the last one. It's much clearer now.
I think the Internet Monk listed both pros and cons of the rise of the theologians that I thought were valid.
I've responded more in-depth to your post on my blog, hope you don't mind. I'm just trying to get some discussion going and let people hear my line of thought as I read seminary students' posts.

At 3:24 PM, Blogger martyduren said...

Congrats on getting mentioned by McCoy. Well, I guess its congrats ;^)

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