Thursday, June 23, 2005


I went to the convention this week... not knowing what quite to expect. The Pastors' Conference for the most part was impressive. Voddie Baucham was excellent, his logical expository sermon on how to defend one's belief in the Bible was great. Who would have believed that using the text in the context which God placed it, would be edifying. His attack of the weak defenses of the Gospel was harsh, but necessary. Saying that the Bible works for you, does not work for anyone. Explaining to someone how the Bible is historically reliable is however very powerful. Ergan Caner, well the man is charged, he brought the heat in the 1st inning and closed just as strong. From his calling out of the Prosperity Driven evangelists "Doogie Howser M.Div" that was just classic and telling us that the Muslims are purpose driven too. Besides his clever antecdotes, he made a strong point for not watering down the Gospel. Despite the gasps from the crowd it was something we all needed to hear. I just pray that the 1million baptisms in a year goal, does not make people believe we can control God and his purposes, or that we can somehow expand his Kingdom without his help. Everyone can and I'm it, forgets one crucially important fact, only with the Grace of God as our help. We cannot do it alone. If God shall so bless us praise the Lord if he does not, praise the Lord... for he is mighty and his ways are better than our own, and the Lord only knows how best to expand his Kingdom.


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