Monday, June 27, 2005

Doogie Howser M.Div

For all of those who saw Joel Osteen on Larry King Live... I am sorry, but I must talk about the "interview" The operative phrase for the rest of this blog is... "I don't know" Before this interview Osteen was nothing more than a nuisance... now he could potentially be a heretical problem, maybe, I don't know. That is the problem, the fact that he says "I don't know" to any question that might possibly be devisive. For example, and this one is the worst example or best, When a caller asked Osteen what his stand was on Christ saying that He is the only way to Heaven, and that she had never heard him take a position on the issue (really no position from Osteen, Shocking) he comes out with some backbone and says that's what I believe. Notice I say some backbone, not real backbone, because even here he should not be qualifying that by saying that is what "I" believe, but instead he should of said that is what is correct. What little backbone he had soon succumbs to the "I want everyone to like me Monster" Larry King then asks, "what about Jews, and Muslims are they not going to Heaven?" Osteen folds like a card table after a garage sale. Larry "I don't know" he says. I can't judge their hearts, God judges hearts, they could be in Heaven. Larry then asks what about atheists are they going to Heaven. This should be a softball for old Doogie, but he strikes out. Larry, again "I don't know" they might, I can't judge people's hearts. Other softballs were lobbed up by Larry in the interview such as "Does God love the Devil", and " What bothers you most in life, what do you wish you could change" His response is a powerful... "I don't know"Larry tries to help him and says "what about depression?" To which Osteen showing his disconnect with things not prosperous says "Well some of it is chemical i guess, but it's a choice really for most people and in my book I tell people how to let go of the past" Thanks Doogie I wasn't depressed until I heard you tonight, but I will choose not to be later by letting go of the memory of this interview. I guess what Doogie does know is that he has built his ministry on the premis of being liked and being prosperous... and correct answers to these questions could cause the leaves to fall off the money tree. He's an embarrassment to Evangelicals everywhere. He is the modern day example of the Superapostles of Paul's day. The worst part for those who know little or nothing of Christ see on the bottom of the screen during the whole interview "Evangelical's Rising Star" Hopefully, we will wake up and see that his gospel is not the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. More to come on this subject...


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